Manuel Thalmann

Manuel Thalmann began his career as a producer for a Swiss Music TV channel and has since worked for different Radio and TV-Stations all over Switzerland. For the past two years he has been in charge of the format development of the young audience department at SRF - producing and developing formats for young people in Switzerland - mainly web formats and formats for third party platforms. 




Kåre Vedding Poulsen

Kåre is an Executive producer at Danish Broadcasting Corporation and has been working with cross platform/interactive projects for more than a decade. He is curator and moderator of the Nordvision Festival of Digital Narratives. He has an MA in Literature and Film, and also an Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School. Currently studying script writing at the Southern Danish University.




Robert Ketteridge

He grew up in Manchester, studied English at university and joined the BBC as a trainee in local radio news. He worked for several years as a producer of arts programmes and documentaries and in 2003 became Editor of the Documentaries Unit, looking after a wide range of programmes including series with the British Museum such as A History of the World in 100 Objects and Germany: Memories of a Nation. Today his responsibilities continues to include documentaries and arts and he also help to manage the radio drama teams in London and Birmingham. 



Carsten Dufner

Carsten Dufner worked as a freelance journalist for Deutschlandfunk in Cologne from 1986 to 1990, followed by seven years of being executive producer for the Stuttgart Radio Symphony. 1997/98 he became executive producer of the multimedia activities at SDR, and then Deputy Head of the multimedia department at Südwestrundfunk in Baden-Baden. From 1999 to 2008 he was Head of Music at Hessischer Rundfunk in Frankfurt and then became Head of Music and Production of MDR’s music ensembles. Since 2016, he is responsible for MDR Klassik (digital radio programme, streaming, web service, social media). He has also been working with the EBU for 28 years.




Hugh Levinson

Hugh Levinson is head of the Radio Current Affairs department for the BBC, based in London and Salford. He began his career in local radio in Liverpool, spent three years at a newspaper in Tokyo before returning to the BBC, working in daily radio journalism then moving to current affairs. He fell in love with radio documentaries and have stayed in this department pretty much ever since – presenting, producing and editing long-form radio. 




Marcus Gammel

Marcus Gammel was born in Bremen / Germany, studied Musicology, German Literature and Philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin, Université Paris IV and New York University. He has worked as a music journalist, dramaturge, and radio maker in Germany and France. Since 2009, Marcus Gammel is curating the weekly sound art programme at Deutschlandradio / Deutschlandfunk Kultur. (...) In 2016, he was appointed Head of Radio Art (radio drama and documentary) at Deutschlandfunk Kultur.



Soila Valkama

Soila Valkama is a director, a dramaturge and an actress. She taught radio directing, acting and dramaturgy at the University of Birzeit on the West Bank in 1998 and has worked as a director, dramaturge, producer and as a programme developer with Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company since 1999. 



Paul Smith

Paul Smith studied English at Cambridge and has a Master Degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York. In 2016 he won the PRIX EUROPA - Best European Radio Music Programme of the Year with Philip Glass: Taxi Driver, produced for BBC Radio 4 & World Service. Paul has worked as a producer at 'Just Radio' but very recently started a new job at 'Somethin’ Else', another independent production company in London.




Erik Hogenboom

Erik Hogenboom is editor in chief at the Diversity Department of Dutch public broadcaster NTR. He coordinates several documentary series and magazines focusing on diversity themes in the Dutch multicultural society. Since 2001 he is executive producer for the Intercultural and Diversity Group (EBU), coordinating co-productions (e.g. City Folk).

Daniela Drastata

Daniela Drastata is a journalist and producer at HRT and currently a chairlady of the Intercultural and Diversity Group of the EBU. She’s been strongly involved in international documentary co-productions dealing with diversity and multicultural issues. For the second season, she works as an executive producer of the international series New Neighbours.

At HRT, Daniela works as an editor-if-chief, reporter and presenter of a weekly multicultural magazine and produces documentaries on human rights. For many years she has been running HRT Diversity Department. She won couple awards including the one for the best TV journalism in Croatia, 2017.



Hilde De Windt

Hilde De Windt has been a storyteller since she was a youngster. She played theatre, took Scandinavian literature & studies, made a career as a radio presenter and reporter. After 16 years of creating wonderful worlds with sound only, the photographer’s microbe won and she turned to the visual. She became a TV maker: writing and producing programme formats, making reportages. In the investigative field she worked on themes as migration, identity and health.




Thorsten Ritsch

After studying journalism, Thorsten Ritsch realised that he prefers pure fictional storytelling over writing journalistic texts. So he got himself several almost unpaid internships on different film sets and learned about filmmaking and storytelling hands-on. Later, he worked as a junior producer for several production companies and became commissioning editor for German Television ZDF in 2006. Since then he is responsible for developing and producing TV movies and series, e.g. the PRIX EUROPA 2013 winner of Best European TV Fiction Series: ‘Generation War’.

Riet De Prins

After finishing her studies at the film school in Brussels, she started her career as an assistant director, in the eighties at VRT, the public broadcaster in the Flemish part of Belgium. Who would ever believe that she is still working there? (...) For several years she was part of a team and worked with formats such as entertainment, live shows, music documentary. It was an opportunity to get to know all corners and borders of making television. But even in all these formats, she felt that the story was her thing (...)  And now for five seasons already, she produces an adult comedy show called ‘Fair Game’. 


Anna Birgersson-Dahlberg

Anna Birgersson-Dahlberg has worked in Swedish public media, both radio and television for a long time, with all kinds of programming, including news, current affairs and investigative journalism as well as documentaries, entertainment and humour shows. For many years she was Head of UR International that includes acquisitions and international co-productions. Today she works as Head of Development and Training.




Martin Gaarder

Martin Gaarder is a journalist and TV documentary director at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). He started out as a freelance newspaper journalist, and later worked on the foreign desk of Norwegian Press Agency (NTB). He has produced feature programmes for NRK since 1996, within a wide range of topics. Over the last decade he has been specializing in investigative and historical TV documentaries. In 2011 he received the Prix Italia award for best current affairs documentary, ‘Operation Sea Breeze’, about the fatal Israeli boarding of a ship with activists, heading for Gaza.