TV Documentary

Anna Birgersson-Dahlberg

Anna Birgersson-Dahlberg has worked in Swedish public media, both radio and television for a long time, with all kinds of programming, including news, current affairs and investigative journalism as well as documentaries, entertainment and humour shows. For many years she was Head of UR International that includes acquisitions and international co-productions. Today she works as Head of Development and Training.




Martin Gaarder

Martin Gaarder is a journalist and TV documentary director at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). He started out as a freelance newspaper journalist, and later worked on the foreign desk of Norwegian Press Agency (NTB). He has produced feature programmes for NRK since 1996, within a wide range of topics. Over the last decade he has been specializing in investigative and historical TV documentaries. In 2011 he received the Prix Italia award for best current affairs documentary, ‘Operation Sea Breeze’, about the fatal Israeli boarding of a ship with activists, heading for Gaza.