‘Papa, We Are in Syria’– Joachim Gerhard’s Search for Lost Sons and Holy Warriors / Germany

Submitting Organisation: Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg - RBB / ARD
Author: Christian Lerch
Director: Christian Lerch
Sound: Bodo Pasternak, Bettina Mikulla
Producer: Gabriela Hermer
Produced by: RBB
Co-produced by: WDR

Length / Minutes: 50



Special Commendations to the second and third placed entries:

The Falling / Denmark

Submitting Organisation: Danmarks Radio – DR
Authors: Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen, Peter Albrechtsen
Director: Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen
Sound: Peter Albrechtsen
Produced by: DR

Mirrored / United Kingdom

Submitting Organisation: White Stiletto Productions
Author: Cathy FitzGerald
Director: Cathy FitzGerald
Sound: Cathy FitzGerald; Joe Acheson (Original music)
Producer: Cathy FitzGerald
Produced by: White Stiletto Productions