The Upside Down / Italy

Submitting Organisation: Radio Televisione Italiana – Rai, Radio 3
Authors: Gianluca Stazi, Guiseppe Casu
Director: Gianluca Stazi
Sound: Gianluca Stazi
Producers: Gianluca Stazi, Guiseppe Casu
Produced by: Radio Televisione Italiana – Rai, Radio 3
Co-produced by: Tratti Documentari

Length / Minutes: 45


Special Commendations to the second and third placed entries:

Between the Ears: The NHS Symphony / United Kingdom

Submitting Organisation: British Broadcasting Corporation - BBC Radio Production
Author: Laurence Grissell
Director: Laurence Grissell
Sounds: Donald McDonald, Mark Austin (Conductor), Alex Woolf (Composer, Pianist)
Producer: Laurence Grissell
Produced by: BBC Radio Documentaries

The Spirit of Hessle Road / United Kingdom

Submitting Organisation: Hanna Walker-Brown
Author: Hanna Walker-Brown
Director: Hanna Walker-Brown
Sound: Hanna Walker-Brown
Producer: Hanna Walker-Brown
Produced by: Reduced Listening