Jury Guidlines 2019

General Information

In each competition category at PRIX EUROPA the adjudication lies in the hands of an open Jury Group which undertakes to examine all the entries of the respective category together, to discuss them in public and then to assess them using a points system. Each Jury Group will be a professional forum for programme-makers.

The entries are presented for adjudication in four Television categories, four Radio categories and two Digital Media categories. Each category has its own Jury Group.

The presentations and discussions in all Jury Groups are open to all registered PRIX EUROPA participants.

Each Jury Member who has registered according to point 8 of the PRIX EUROPA 2019 REGULATIONS is entitled to vote and is obliged to view or listen to all the entries in his or her category.

A Jury Group discussion will take place in each category every day following the daily presentations.

These discussions are compulsory for all Jury Members. Observers may also take part.

The PRIX EUROPA organisers appoint one or two Coordinators for each Jury Group to lead the discussions and to oversee the voting procedures. They are supported by a Jury Assistant, appointed by the organisers. Each Coordinator also has full voting rights.

Voting Procedures for all Categories

The Jury Assistant hands out ballot papers to the Jury Members, one for each entry. Each ballot paper is marked with the accreditation number of the Jury Member concerned. The ballot papers are ordered in the sequence in which the entries are presented. Each ballot paper has 5 assessment criteria for the entry concerned. Jury Members can award up to 10 points for each criterion by marking the paper with a cross in the  appropriate square.

All Jury Members are obliged to hand in one completed ballot paper for each entry. However, they are not allowed to vote for entries produced or submitted by their own organisation. Ballot papers for these entries will not be handed to them. Incomplete or incorrectly filled-in ballot papers will be deemed invalid. After the daily Jury Group discussion, the completed ballot papers for that day’s entries are collected. The Jury Members hand in their ballot papers to the Jury Assistant. All the ballot papers will be evaluated by computer.

Each entry is assessed by the sum of the points awarded on the ballot papers handed in. The final total is then divided by the number of assessment criteria (5) and by the number of ballot papers handed in. The highest possible score for an entry by this calculation method is therefore 10. A prize will only be awarded if the entry concerned scores a minimum of 5.0.

The voting will be supervised by the Coordinators and the Jury Assistants of the respective Jury Groups. The evaluation of the ballot papers will be overseen by the RBB Data Processing Department. The final results will be announced during the PRIX EUROPA 2019 Awards Ceremony on 11 October.

Each prize consists of a PRIX EUROPA TROPHY handcrafted by the Dutch artist Anthon Hoornweg.

Jury Coordinators 2019

These are the Jury Coordinators for PRIX EUROPA 2019:

TV Fiction

TV Documentary

TV Current Affairs


TV Iris

Radio Fiction

Radio Documentary

Radio Current Affairs


Radio Music


Digital Media Category

Digital Media Rising Stars