PRIX EUROPA – Our Mission

Changing Europe - The Power of Dialogue.

In 1987 PRIX EUROPA (PE) was founded by the European Parliament and the European Commission. Today it has grown into a most influential pan European broadcasting festival which has taken up the cause of fighting for the fellowship of Europe and all its cultural diversity.

PE is taking a stand on broadcasting quality for all Europeans.

This Continental Media Competition awards the best European Television, Radio and Online productions with the aim of publicising them throughout Europe and supporting their continental distribution and use – to bring nations, societies, regions, citizens closer to each other.

PE is a point of reference for the young European media maker and the fresh talent. Each year the event gathers about 1,000 programme people from all over the continent in Berlin. A unique workshop-festival for media professionals, journalists, authors and directors who spend five days in a cross border exchange of their craft and an analysis of what is on the European agenda. Open debate and its democratic adjudication system are fundamental pillars of PE: the teaching thrill of these dense days has an impact on what the viewers, listeners and users all over the continent think about Europe, and if and how they understand each other– in spite and across all borders.

The distinct motto of PE is Changing Europe

Europe urgently needs a growing lobby among the European peoples.

We have to push on a fair discussion between the societies drifting apart in disapproval and even hate. This requires direct cross border communication with each other and cross border knowledge of each other. And this is exactly what we are doing with our continental competition and the numerous accompanying events.

PE puts a strong focus on the crucial question in our societies: Whom do we trust - and why? In the age of the rapid use and distribution of Fake News and Alternative Facts we have to fortify journalistic competence and credibility. We need our media - TV, radio, digital - at its best.

The PRIX EUROPA edition 2018 is in keeping with our Leitmotif :

Changing Europe - The Power of Dialogue.

PE is supported by a strong Alliance of European Public Broadcasters and has found its permanent home in Berlin in 1997, after having travelled the continent before. The steadfast goal: how do we best connect to our large audiences and how do we best inform on our continent which must not fall apart?

Since 2017 PE enjoys the Patronage of the European Parliament.