Shortlist of Nominations European Journalist of the Year

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Shortlist of Nominations European Journalist of the Year

(sorted by county and last name)

Florian Klenk, Austria

Armin Wolf, Austria

Lode Desmet, Belgium

Magdalena Sodomkova, Czech Republic

Jessika Aro, Finland

Frederic Martel, France

Karin de Miguel, Germany

Juan Moreno, Germany

Thomas Sideris, Greece

Lois Kapila, Ireland

Fintan O'Toole, Ireland

Yury Dud, Russian Federation

Joachim Dyfvermark, Sweden

Katarina Gunnarsson, Sweden

Katya Adler, United Kingdom

Mark Daly, United Kingdom

John Harris, United Kingdom

We will contact the winner on time to attend the Awards Ceremony on 11 October 2019 in Potsdam.




PRIX EUROPA 2019 Opening Film

csm_Gegen_die_Angst_P_ZDF_Christoph_Assmann_69632-2-24_01_cfd95ee944 Kopie.jpg

PRIX EUROPA 2019 Opening Film

“Against the Fear”

In cooperation with the local newspaper MAZ, PRIX EUROPA is starting with the ZDF-commissioned film “Against the Fear” on Sunday 6 October at 18:00. The TV Movie about a public prosecutor investigating the Al-Fadi Clan in Berlin is produced by the Real Film Berlin GmbH and stars among others Nadja Uhl, Sabrina Amali, Atheer Adel, Andreas Pitschmann and Dirk Borchard. It is directed by Andreas Herzog and written by Robert Hummel, whose experience as a lay judge in Berlin enabled him to bring a realistic and gripping story to the screen. The author and members of the cast will be present and happy to enter into a dialogue with the audience.

The film will be screened in German with English subtitles, inviting Potsdamers to get a feel for the new media event in town – PRIX EUROPA. All PRIX EUROPA guests, who have already found their way to the Schiffbauergasse, the new festival venue, are invited.

Registrations at or at the Welcome Desk at Schiffbauergasse.

Location: just a few steps from the Welcome Desk




EBU PRESENTS DIVERSITY - Free Spirits and New Neighbours


EBU PRESENTS DIVERSITY - Free Spirits and New Neighbours

Friday, 11 October 2019, 9:30 – 17:15 Screening and discussion with the makers of the documentaries.

Daniela Drastata, chairwoman of the EBU Intercultural and Diversity Group explains:

"I am delighted we have this great opportunity to see the EBU Intercultural and Diversity Group's documentary collection New Neighbours growing and developing into an EU funded project that now involves organisations known for their excellence; we are working with "la crème de la crème" of people who recognise diversity as an opportunity. 

By opening our prime time to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, we show the complexity of integration at its core: we will not only tackle the most burning European topic but also create an inspiring and moving documentary series. Meeting our neighbours is undoubtedly the best reward for the challenges we will inevitably face during the film production. Let the adventure begin!"

TV Documentary Room




MasterClass: DIGITIRL - The Art of Immersion in Public Service


DIGITIRL: The Art of Immersion in Public Service

A MasterClass on how to successfully mix digital offers & real life events to involve, interact and connect stronger to your audience.

Frank Rose (Digital media expert, Wired): “As we spend ever more time in the digital world, what’s becoming increasingly valued is the time we do not spend in front of a screen—the time we spend with real  people and real things. It’s not that we’re abandoning digital—far from it. But as we buy more apps, e-books and downloads, and as digital screens become our default interface with the world, we seem  to increasingly seek out physical objects and experiences”.

DESCRIPTION: Public Service Broadcasters are all stepping up on the digital burning platforms. But there seems to be an emerging need to also embrace the digital fatigue – the sheer fact that we still need to connect and share and create things together in real life, even if we are online 24/7.

Those PS Broadcasters who manage to cleverly combine strong digital offers and real life events – let’s call it DIGITIRL – will stand stronger in the future of immersed media.

In this MasterClass you will get an introduction to the world of DIGITIRL from Kåre V. Poulsen and meet European creators of new, inspiring projects in this area:

•   Camilla Laudruo: ULTRA : BIT (DR)

•   Damian Machaj & Edita Kudláčová : ‘Project 68’ from Chezk Radio

•   Tiina Klemettilä from YLE – ‘Sauna project’/1 mio Birdhouses

You will be able to register for the MasterClass on-site or send an email ( with your binding registration.

Friday, 11 October 2019, 11.00 - 13:00, TV Iris Room




The Potsdam Summit - The Euroradio Cultural Forum


The Potsdam Summit - The Euroradio Cultural Forum: Linear Radio versus On-Demand

As radio reaches its centenary, on-demand audio presents us with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. How should -Public Service Media- handle the competition in the podcast universe? Especially young people are consuming audio content from platforms of the big tech companies. Are these giants friends or enemies, should PSM cooperate with the giants to reach out to the listeners, or walk its own way? What does the future hold - is radio crossing the Rubicon?

The Potsdam Summit is a fast-paced trip through new formats and ideas for cultural and music radio around Europe, and addresses topics as the importance of ‘Building Trust in the Digital Era’ or ‘Beethoven for the Gaming Generation’ and ‘The New Emperors of the Audio Universe’.

on Friday 11 October 2019 in Potsdam 09:00 - 13:00 THE POTSDAM SUMMIT– The Euroradio Cultural Forum

14:00 – 16:00 The Big Debate: Linear vs. On-demand Radio and Streaming Platforms: Friends or Enemies? Introduction: Cilla Benkö, Swedish Radio Director-General James Purnell, BBC Director, Radio & Education; Noel Curran, European Broadcasting Union Director-General; Alexander Wrabetz, ORF Director-General

To join the Potsdam Summit please follow this link: and click on ‘I will attend the Potsdam Summit: the Euroradio Cultural Forum’.

Schiffbauergasse, Radio Fiction Room




Workshop: What’s for Breakfast (on the radio)?


Workshop: What’s for Breakfast (on the radio)?

Many radio professionals believe that presenting an attractive breakfast show is the single most important factor in managing a successful radio station. There is no denying that breakfast audiences are closely watched by all in the industry. We’re not going to debate the importance of breakfast shows, but rather this two-hour session will give attendees the chance to experience four really different breakfasts from Ireland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Belgium (VRT). Finally, we will debate what makes a great breakfast show.  If you are in Potsdam for PRIX EUROPA, do join us!

You will be able to register for the workshop and the other EXTRA events during the competition week on-site or send an email ( with your binding registration.

on Thursday 10 October 2019, 15:00 - 17:00




PRIX EUROPA 2019 Nominations


After a very busy summer the results of our pre-selection are on the table. 

Over 650 intriguing, investigative and ingenuous pieces were submitted and ingested by 12 independent European media experts (Regulations § 6 Pre-selection Procedure).

And it is safe to say: The standard of European media production remains very high. 

Congratulations to all PRIX EUROPA 2019 Nominees! 

Please note that we only detail the submitting organisation – not all co-producers – at this stage. The submitters of the nominated productions will receive an email explaining the next steps.




Call for European Journalist of the Year 2019



European Journalist of the Year 2019

The Power of Dialogue

Did it ever cross your mind that in this murmur of tweeting, chatting, posting, commenting, press conferencing a real conversation might be called for?

With mounting pressure on the information media in terms of time, multiple media channels, finances and credibility, PRIX EUROPA wants to honour journalistic efforts that have successfully managed to open conversations, to bring adversaries together and paint bigger pictures. We are looking for a European journalist who has gone out of her or his way to enter into dialogue, to initiate a conversation, to talk to people or get people to talk to each other.

Somebody whose work has helped break through encrusted positions and change perspectives.

Dialogue leads to better mutual appreciation and solves problems, maintaining the grounds for a healthy democracy. Journalism that inspires dialogue can change the world.

Proposals from all genres and formats of journalism are welcome. Prix Europa is not necessarily looking for a person with continent-wide fame, but rather for a person who has gone outside her or his comfort zone and shown extraordinary creativity, courage and impact on her/his specific society or audience.

Please propose your candidate for the PRIX EUROPA Award as European Journalist of the Year 2019 by sending a short explanation for your proposal, her/his professional CV and contact details to

Deadline: Friday 20 September 2019.




PRIX EUROPA goes paperless


PRIX EUROPA goes paperless

This is good news for all submitters of the nominated radio productions – no copying of scripts (about 6000 copies), no expedition of about 100 parcels from all corners of the continent to the competition office.

The English translation of each script in Radio Fiction, Radio Documentary and Radio Current Affairs will be projected onto a big screen. So, submitters will have to send video files with the following technical requirements: Please adhere to our specifications.

Supported File Formats:      

* MP4 or MOV


* Background: white or light colour, plain

* Font / Colour / Size: Verdana, black, 60pt

* no LOGOS


* Codec: H.264/MPEG–4 AVC

* Resolution: between 640px and 1280px wide / SD

* Bitrate: 2,000 – 5,000kbps

* Aspect Ratio: 16:9


* Codec: AAC (Advanced Audio Codec)

* Sample Rate: 44.1kHz? (please note that in a lot of exporting / converting programmes

48 kHz is the automatic setting – please convert the sound correctly)

* Channels: 2-channel Stereo (not surround)

We recommend adhering to 1280px wide and 3,000 – 5,000kbps as the max settings for upload, as it will reduce the likeliness of upload errors.

Note: This is a new way of listening to the competition entries. The submitter has to make sure, that the listening and the reading are ‘in sync’. It is important, that the jury members are able to follow the written word (dialogue and directions), so give enough time to read each page.

Be aware of the pace of the audio. It is the responsibility of the submitter to quality control the finished file before sending it.

Naming convention: Name the video file with the English Title of the submission.

Uploading/ Sending: Please email the finished competing video file via WeTransfer to Use the category and the English title in the Subject header of your email.

Awards Trailer: Select between 20 to 90 seconds from your subtitled video file: a key moment, an audio gem, a lasting impression. Save, cut, name (English Title of submission + Awards Trailer) and send via WeTransfer to

Deadline: Both files of all nominated programmes must have been received by 15 September 2019.




PRIX EUROPA 2019 @ Potsdam's Schiffbauergasse

SBG_Schirrhof_C_Mathias_Voelzke-023 WEB.jpg

PRIX EUROPA sets up shop from 6 to 11 October 2019 at Potsdam’s Schiffbauergasse (Internationales Kunst- und Kulturquartier Schiffbauergasse)!

Located near Potsdam's historical centre and the Glienicker Brücke - the famous bridge on the East/West border where spies were frequently exchanged - it is a place of creativity and diversity, a perfect new festival home for this year’s PRIX EUROPA!




Workshop: What’s for Breakfast (on the radio)?


Workshop: What’s for Breakfast (on the radio)?

While PRIX EUROPA rewards the special and exceptional, our radio stations are interest and company 24 hours each day. Nowhere is this more the case than while getting up and having breakfast.

What’s for Breakfast (on the radio)?

This is a seminar arranged by PRIX EUROPA and the EBU at which you can showcase your everyday breakfast programming by bringing clips to a maximum of ten minutes and a ten minute presentation to explain how you help people start their days. There will then be time for discussion.

We are looking for six colleagues to bring exceptional breakfast programmes of which they are really proud. And, for the seminar attendees, you will learn about how other colleagues approach the challenge of daily programming with flair and imagination.

We would like to choose a varied selection of programmes, so please can you send to one hundred words on why your breakfast programme is special (deadline: Friday 30 August 2019). Once a selection is made, EBU colleagues will be in touch to discuss the format of your presentation.

The seminar is scheduled for Thursday p.m. 10 October 2019 and will be held at the PRIX EUROPA place of event in Potsdam, Schiffbauergasse.




PRIX EUROPA 2019 Digital Media Rising Stars competition for students


PE 2019 Digital Media Rising Stars competition

PRIX EUROPA in cooperation with Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF awards for the first time two Rising Stars Awards for Digital Media Projects by fresh talents, which show vision, creativity and also public responsibility.

The PE 2019 Digital Media Rising Stars competition will be held in two categories, calling for Digital Audio Projects and Online Media Projects. It is open to students from European film and media schools, universities and training institutions.

Deadline for submissions is 15 August 2019.

Regulations 2019 and Submission forms




PRIX EUROPA 2019 will - for the first time – award the Best European Radio Documentary Series of the Year.

Radio Doc Series.jpg

Radio Documentary Series

PRIX EUROPA 2019 will - for the first time – award the Best European Radio Documentary Series of the Year. With this latest addition the festival recognises what many European broadcasters have been suggesting.

We are looking for the best Radio series made in Europe that are outstanding due to their quality of content and form and which appeal to their audiences at home or further afield, and to the professional listeners alike. Each submitter can enter one series and has 30 minutes of presentation time for the entry.

Programmes may be entered by all radio organisations, audio production companies and independent producers based in Europe. It is crucial, that the submitter holds the festival rights for the entry.

The call for single Radio Documentaries remains unaffected: Each submitter has 90 minutes of presentation time which can be spread over up to 2 entries.

Relevant and applicable to all radio submissions is, that podcasts can be submitted into all radio categories, provided they abide by the regulations.

The long and short of it is: Radio Documentaries are thriving - be they single features or series. Keep your entries coming.

All the details under Regulations 2019.

The deadline for submitting is 1 July 2019.