Final Nomination List: European Journalist of the Year 2018


Nominations for European Journalist of the Year 2018

Over the last weeks colleagues from all over Europe have proposed candidates for the PRIX EUROPA Award for the European Journalist of the Year 2018. We were looking for ‘a journalist who has gone out of her or his way to bring new voices into public debate’. Proposals from all genres and formats of journalism were accepted.

Final Nomination List

PRIX EUROPA 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award

European Journalist of the Year

Roberto Antonini (Switzerland) – Radio Journalist

Phillip Boucher-Hayes (Ireland) – TV host and documentary maker 

Martin Boudout (France) – Investigative documentary maker

Sinan Can (The Netherlands) – Journalist and documentary maker

Line Elvsåshagen (Norway) – Journalist and TV host

Emma Clare Gabrielsen (Norway) – Documentary maker, writer and TV host

Marja Grill (Sweden) – Journalist and Documentary maker

Poul-Erik Heilbuth (Denmark) – International documentary maker 

Margaret Ikariou (Greece) – Radio Journalist

Orkhan Jemal (Russian Federation) – Former Humanitarian Crises Journalist 

Lioba Anna Keuck (Germany) – Photojournalist

Lina Makboul (Sweden) – Journalist and Producer

Laurent Richard (France) – Investigative Filmmaker and founder of ForbiddenStories

Moritz Riesewick and Hans Block (Germany) – Documentary maker

Nicole Rosenbach (Germany) – Investigative documentary maker

Bettina Rühl (Germany) – Radio feature and documentary Journalist 

Helen Beate Sandvig (Norway) –TV host and Journalist 

Elke Sasse (Germany) – Journalist, author and documentary maker

Jens Schröder (Germany) – Journalist and Producer

Thomas Sideris (Greece) – Journalist, writer and documentary maker

Tijs van den Brink (The Netherlands) – TV host and Journalist

Johan von Mirbach (Germany) – TV Editor and Video Journalist 

Julia Vorkefeld (Germany) – Journalist and Editor

Sebastian Weis (Germany) – Filmmaker and producer 

Tim Whewell (UK) – TV and Radio Journalist

Sahar Zand (UK) – Journalist and documentary maker

The successful candidate will be announced during the

PRIX EUROPA 2018 Awards Ceremony on Friday, 19 October.