PE MasterClass: Connecting Europe – Reflecting all Voices


Connecting Europe – Reflecting all Voices

Friday 19 October 2018 at 14:00h,

rbb Haus des Rundfunks, Saal 2 (TV Documentary Room)

PRIX EUROPA 2018 will exclusively host the MasterClass ‘Connecting Europe – Reflecting all Voices’.

Major single piece and serial television documentaries from different countries will provide the focus of a conversation about experiences with international co-productions. Georg Tschurtschenthaler (Germany) will tell us how Gebrüder Beetz found international co-production partners and financing for their documentary ‘The Cleaners’ about the people who ‘clean’ the Internet; Eric Lieshout (Netherlands) will introduce his series ‘Made in Europe’; Stéphane Siohan (France) will talk about the complex media co-operations on his Ukrainian, Polish, French documentary ‘Home Games’; Daniela Drastasta (Croatia) and Frans Jennekens (Netherlands) will present a sneak preview of their just completed series ‘New Neighbours’ and Sören Klovborg (Denmark) will tell us about working with the Why Foundation on the documentary ‘Maid in Hell’. The conversation will be hosted by Ruurd Bierman, an acclaimed keynote speaker.

Grab the unique chance to compare notes with other experienced filmmakers, ask questions and share experiences.

Admission is free of charge, the number of seats is limited. Registration by email is required to, the language spoken will be English.