Call for European Journalist of the Year 2019



European Journalist of the Year 2019

The Power of Dialogue

Did it ever cross your mind that in this murmur of tweeting, chatting, posting, commenting, press conferencing a real conversation might be called for?

With mounting pressure on the information media in terms of time, multiple media channels, finances and credibility, PRIX EUROPA wants to honour journalistic efforts that have successfully managed to open conversations, to bring adversaries together and paint bigger pictures. We are looking for a European journalist who has gone out of her or his way to enter into dialogue, to initiate a conversation, to talk to people or get people to talk to each other.

Somebody whose work has helped break through encrusted positions and change perspectives.

Dialogue leads to better mutual appreciation and solves problems, maintaining the grounds for a healthy democracy. Journalism that inspires dialogue can change the world.

Proposals from all genres and formats of journalism are welcome. Prix Europa is not necessarily looking for a person with continent-wide fame, but rather for a person who has gone outside her or his comfort zone and shown extraordinary creativity, courage and impact on her/his specific society or audience.

Please propose your candidate for the PRIX EUROPA Award as European Journalist of the Year 2019 by sending a short explanation for your proposal, her/his professional CV and contact details to

Deadline: Friday 20 September 2019.