PRIX EUROPA goes paperless


PRIX EUROPA goes paperless

This is good news for all submitters of the nominated radio productions – no copying of scripts (about 6000 copies), no expedition of about 100 parcels from all corners of the continent to the competition office.

The English translation of each script in Radio Fiction, Radio Documentary and Radio Current Affairs will be projected onto a big screen. So, submitters will have to send video files with the following technical requirements: Please adhere to our specifications.

Supported File Formats:      

* MP4 or MOV


* Background: white or light colour, plain

* Font / Colour / Size: Verdana, black, 60pt

* no LOGOS


* Codec: H.264/MPEG–4 AVC

* Resolution: between 640px and 1280px wide / SD

* Bitrate: 2,000 – 5,000kbps

* Aspect Ratio: 16:9


* Codec: AAC (Advanced Audio Codec)

* Sample Rate: 44.1kHz? (please note that in a lot of exporting / converting programmes

48 kHz is the automatic setting – please convert the sound correctly)

* Channels: 2-channel Stereo (not surround)

We recommend adhering to 1280px wide and 3,000 – 5,000kbps as the max settings for upload, as it will reduce the likeliness of upload errors.

Note: This is a new way of listening to the competition entries. The submitter has to make sure, that the listening and the reading are ‘in sync’. It is important, that the jury members are able to follow the written word (dialogue and directions), so give enough time to read each page.

Be aware of the pace of the audio. It is the responsibility of the submitter to quality control the finished file before sending it.

Naming convention: Name the video file with the English Title of the submission.

Uploading/ Sending: Please email the finished competing video file via WeTransfer to Use the category and the English title in the Subject header of your email.

Awards Trailer: Select between 20 to 90 seconds from your subtitled video file: a key moment, an audio gem, a lasting impression. Save, cut, name (English Title of submission + Awards Trailer) and send via WeTransfer to

Deadline: Both files of all nominated programmes must have been received by 15 September 2019.