Workshop: What’s for Breakfast (on the radio)?


Workshop: What’s for Breakfast (on the radio)?

While PRIX EUROPA rewards the special and exceptional, our radio stations are interest and company 24 hours each day. Nowhere is this more the case than while getting up and having breakfast.

What’s for Breakfast (on the radio)?

This is a seminar arranged by PRIX EUROPA and the EBU at which you can showcase your everyday breakfast programming by bringing clips to a maximum of ten minutes and a ten minute presentation to explain how you help people start their days. There will then be time for discussion.

We are looking for six colleagues to bring exceptional breakfast programmes of which they are really proud. And, for the seminar attendees, you will learn about how other colleagues approach the challenge of daily programming with flair and imagination.

We would like to choose a varied selection of programmes, so please can you send to one hundred words on why your breakfast programme is special (deadline: Friday 30 August 2019). Once a selection is made, EBU colleagues will be in touch to discuss the format of your presentation.

The seminar is scheduled for Thursday p.m. 10 October 2019 and will be held at the PRIX EUROPA place of event in Potsdam, Schiffbauergasse.