Best European Radio Documentary featured on Radio Atlas


If you can’t speak German, you might be happy to hear: Christian Lerch’s winning documentary is available on Radio Atlas with English subtitles in its original form.

The Radio Documentary Jury recognised ‘‘Papa, We Are In Syria’ - Joachim Gerhard’s Search for Lost Sons and Holy Warriors’ as ‘a story of our time’.
The praise continued: ‘a thrilling 21st century tale told through a treasure trove of audio messages, this documentary takes the listener inside the nucleus of a personal family tragedy set in the defining story of our generation.’

Find more information about the winner of the Best European Radio Documentary of the Year 2017, as well as other PRIX EUROPA 2017 winning productions, here.

Radio Atlas is an English-language home for subtitled audio from around the world. It is a place to hear inventive documentaries, dramas and works of sound art that have been made in languages you don’t necessarily speak.
It has made several audio works which were nominated for or won PRIX EUROPA available to broader audiences.

Radio Atlas itself received a Special Commendation in PRIX EUROPA 2016 Digital Audio category.