Manuel Thalmann, Head of development at young audience department of SRF / SRG SSR

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Manuel Thalmann, Head of development at young audience department of SRF / SRG SSR

"I really think that there are very high levels of creativity out there at the moment. As a digital format developer, I find the times we are living in on one hand really challenging - with all the different platforms, algorithms and also all the bad content that is produced. But on the other hand, it is also incredibly fascinating and interesting to have all these different possibilities and distribution options, and to be able to try out highly innovative formats that were previously unthinkable. A crazy but still great time to work in public media!"

Manuel Thalmann began his career as a producer for a Swiss Music TV channel and has since worked for different Radio and TV-Stations all over Switzerland. For the past two years he has been in charge of the format development of the young audience department at SRF - producing and developing formats for young people in Switzerland - mainly web formats and formats for third party platforms. 

He will coordinate the Online Projects Jury Group together with Kåre Vedding Poulsen.


PRIX EUROPA is looking for online projects, which have vision, creativity and also public responsibility. Projects may include - among others - cross-platform projects, web-based productions and Apps. The entries will be judged on their ideas, the way they have been executed, their quality and their commitment to public values. The prize will be awarded to the project which best explores and uses the potential of the online media.