Radio Awards


The Upside Down / Italy

Submitting Organisation: Radio Televisione Italiana – Rai, Radio 3
Authors: Gianluca Stazi, Guiseppe Casu
Director: Gianluca Stazi
Sound: Gianluca Stazi
Producers: Gianluca Stazi, Guiseppe Casu
Produced by: Radio Televisione Italiana – Rai, Radio 3
Co-produced by: Tratti Documentari

Length / Minutes: 45


Special Commendations to the second and third placed entries:

Between the Ears: The NHS Symphony / United Kingdom

Submitting Organisation: British Broadcasting Corporation - BBC Radio Production
Author: Laurence Grissell
Director: Laurence Grissell
Sounds: Donald McDonald, Mark Austin (Conductor), Alex Woolf (Composer, Pianist)
Producer: Laurence Grissell
Produced by: BBC Radio Documentaries

The Spirit of Hessle Road / United Kingdom

Submitting Organisation: Hanna Walker-Brown
Author: Hanna Walker-Brown
Director: Hanna Walker-Brown
Sound: Hanna Walker-Brown
Producer: Hanna Walker-Brown
Produced by: Reduced Listening 



The Bombings, the Security Service and the Nazis / Sweden

Submitting Organisation: Sveriges Radio - SR
Authors: Daniel Öhman, My Vingren
Director: Daniel Öhman
Sound: Daniel Öhman
Producer: Daniel Öhman
Produced by: Sveriges Radio - SR

Length / Minutes: 73


Special Commendation to the second placed entry:

Offenders in Uniform / Germany

Submitting Organisation: Südwestrundfunk - SWR / ARD
Author: Marie von Kuck
Director: Tobias Krebs
Sound: Daniel Senger, Angela Raymond
Producers: Anton Berg, Martin Johnson
Produced by: Südwestrundfunk - SWR / ARD
Co-produced by: DLF, WDR



The Chosen One / United Kingdom

Submitting Organisation: Goldhawk Productions
Author: Avi Garvi
Director: Avi Garvi
Sound: Eloise Whitmore, Jon Ouin (Original music)
Producer: Nadir Khan, John Dryden (Executive producer)
Produced by: Goldhawk Productions
Co-produced by: A Goldhawk Production for BBC Radio 4


Special Commendation to the second placed entry:

Run Uje Run / Sweden

Submitting Organisation: Sveriges Radio – SR
Author: Uje Brandelius
Director: Uje Brandelius
Sound: Michael Johansson 
Producer: Marie Wennersten
Produced by: Sveriges Radio – SR



The Thing With Liv / Denmark

Submitting Organisation: Danish Broadcasting Corporation – DR
Author: Judith Budtz Sørensen
Director: Eirik Sæter Stordahl
Sound: Solveig Berger
Producer: Mette Kruse
Produced by: Danish Broadcasting Corporation - DR

Length / Minutes: 53


Special Commendation to the second placed entry:

Into My Dream / Denmark

Submitting Organisation: Danish Broadcasting Corporation – DR
Authors: Christian Dorph, Simon Pasternak
Director: Thomas Bjerregaard
Sound: Mikkel Rønnau, Mikkel Bøgeskov, Mike Sheridan
Producer: Karen Albertsen
Produced by: Munck Studios
Co-produced by: Cecilie Cedergren



The Blue Book of Songs – On the Trail of the Movement / Denmark

Submitting Organisation: Danmarks Radio - DR
Author: Susanna Sommer
Director: Susanna Sommer
Sound: The Blue Book of Songs - Radio Programme
Producer: Susanna Sommer
Produced by: ORD

Length / Minutes: 56


Special Commendation to the second placed entry:

The Point of Singing / The Netherlands

Submitting Organisation: Mikea Media
Author: Fatos Vladi
Director: Fatos Vladi
Sound: Fatos Vladi, Alfred Koster
Producer: Mikea Media
Produced by: Mikea Media
Co-produced by: NTR



Hunted / United Kingdom

Submitting Organisation: NPO
Author: Jennifer Petterson
Director: Jennifer Petterson
Sound: Alfred Koster
Producer: Jennifer Petterson
Produced by: VPRO Radio

Length / Minutes: 50

Special Commendation to the second placed entry:

IKARIA 6 / Germany

Submitting Organisation: Norddeutscher Rundfunk – NDR / ARD
Author: Benjamin Maack
Director: Matthias Kapohl
Sound: Christian Alpen, Sebastian Ohm, Nikolai von Sallwitz (Composer)
Producer: Ulrike Toma
Produced by: Norddeutscher Rundfunk - NDR / ARD