Television Awards


The Cleaners / Germany 

Submitting Organisation: gebrueder beetz filmproduktion
Authors: Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck
Directors: Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck
Producer: Christian Beetz
Produced by: gebrueder beetz filmproduktion
Co-produced by: Grifa Filmes (Brasil), WDR, NDR, RBB (Germany), VPRO (The Netherlands), I Wonder Pictures (Italy), ARTE

Length / Minutes: 88

Special Commendations to the second and third placed entries:

Searching for Shergar / United Kingdom

Submitting Organisation: Erica Starling Productions Ltd.
Author Alison Millar 
Directors: Alison Millar 
Producer: Alison Millar 
Produced by: Erica Starling Productions Ltd.
Co-produced by: BBC Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) , RTÉ (Ireland)

Maid in Hell / Denmark

Submitting Organisation: Plus Pictures
Author: Plus Pictures
Director: Søren Klovborg
Producer: Mette Heide
Produced by: Plus Pictures
Co-produced by: SVT(Sweden), DR (Denmark), BBC (United Kingdom), CBC (Canada), The Why Foundation (Denmark), NHK (Japan)



Eternal Winter / Hungary

Submitting Organisation: Szupermodern Studio
Authors: Norbert Köbli, Attila Szász
Director: Attila Szász
Producers: Tamás Lajos, Ábel Köves
Produced by: Szupermodern Studio

Length / Minutes: 110

Special Commendation the second placed entry:

Butterfly / United Kingdom

Submitting Organisation: Red Production Company
Author: Tony Marchant
Director: Anthony Byrne
Producer: Louise Sutton
Produced by: Red Production Company
Co-produced by: Aenon Ltd



Sense of Tumour / Belgium

Submitting Organisation: Sylvester TV
Authors: Leander Verdievel, Mathias Claeys, Tom Goris
Director: Tom Goris
Producer: Pieter Nolf
Produced by: Sylvester TV
Co-produced by: VRT

Length / Minutes: 55


Special Commendation to the second placed entry:

Bad Banks / Germany

Submitting Organisation: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen - ZDF
Author: Oliver Kienle
Director: Christian Schwochow
Produced by: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH
Co-produced by: Iris Productions S.A.



Human Smugglers / Denmark

Submitting Organisation: Danish Broadcasting Corporation - DR
Authors: Anna Feist, Alaa Kassab, Klaus Nedergaard, Kasper Vedsmand, Georg Larsen, Poul-Erik Heilbuth
Directors: Poul-Erik Heilbuth, Georg Larsen
Producers: Ole Hjortdal, Sidsel Marie Jacobsen
Produced by: Danish Broadcasting Corporation - DR
Co-produced by: ZDF (Germany), Nordvision (Scandinavia), NRK (Norway), SRC, ICI, RDI (Canada), RTS (Switzerland), SVT (Sweden)

Length: 59


Special Commendation to the second placed entry:

Mission Investigate: The General / Sweden

Submitting Organisation: Sveriges Television - SVT
Author: Ali Fegan
Director: Ali Fegan
Producer: Ali Fegan
Produced by: Sveriges Television - SVT



The Age of the Stateless / France

Submitting Organisation: ARTE France
Authors: Virginie Sauveur, Gaelle Bellan
Director: Virginie Sauveur
Producer: Caroline Adrian
Produced by: Delante Productions     
Co-produced with: TV5 Monde

Length / Minutes: 90


Special Commendation to the second placed entry:

Damned Gay – A Muslim Comes Out / Denmark

Submitting Organisation: Danish Broadcasting Corporation – DR
Authors: Troels Kingo, Abdel Aziz Mahmoud 
Director: Troels Kingo
Producer: Niels Hagen Rasmussen
Produced by: Danish Broadcasting Corporation – DR